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These domains and servers are managed by Wakabasou Internet Team (W.I.T.). W.I.T. is organized since 1998, derived from ECIP-TM friendship group. Most members of W.I.T. were students of Osaka University, and some lived at Wakabasou - the origin of W.I.T.'s name.

W.I.T. servers were moved at March 2001 from Wakabasou in Osaka to Kyoto. W.I.T. and got a new domain "wakaba.jp" on April 2, 2001. You can access any contents published by W.I.T. with this shorter domain name (e.g. www.wakaba.jp). Several months later, W.I.T. connects the Internet via ADSL 8Mbps.

W.I.T. servers were moved again at August 2003 from Kyoto to Osaka city (near by Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Park known to EXPO2000 Flower Festival). All domain names for W.I.T. is still available.

(Sorry these pages are written in Japanese.)
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About W.I.T.
About Wakabasou
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Specification of W.I.T.

Wakabasou Internet Team (W.I.T.)
2-5-15-902 Hama, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 538-0035 JAPAN.
KURAMOTO Itaru (W.I.T. Team Leader)
Date of Connection
May 8, 1998
Upper Domain
Open Computer Network (OCN)CO. Ltd.


System Structure

W.I.T.'s motto for the system structure is "Enough function, CHEAPER cost". The Computers of ours are rather old but enough to be able to provide many services via Internet.

Corega BAR SW-4P pro (a broadband router is not a router).
PC/AT (CPU: Cerelon 500MHz): DNS, WWW, Mail
PC/AT (CPU: AMD Duron 800MHz) for Shell users

This domain is powered by : FreeBSD & Apache WWW Server .

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